Quality Part Worn Tyres Supplied and Fitted

If you want to save money when replacing one or more tyres on your car, part worn tyres could be just what you need. But to make sure you’re getting value for money, you need to buy them from a trusted seller, otherwise they could turn out to be an expensive mistake. At Rescue and Repair Automotive Services in Telford, we sell new and part worn tyres from all major brands.

Part worn tyres Telford

Part Worn Tyres

  • Affordable prices
  • Quality checked
  • Supplied & fitted
  • Repositioning & wheel balancing
  • Puncture repairs

Where Part Worn Tyres Come From

There are plenty of instances where cars may fail an MOT or have been involved in an accident and the cost of any repairs and remedial work is greater than the value of the vehicle itself. So the owner may decide to scrap the car, and yet in many of these cases, the tyres are otherwise perfect. Brand-new tyres are certainly not cheap, and if there’s a chance of saving money, part worn tyres to replace your own ones is certainly worth considering, as long as you can be sure they’re coming from a reliable seller.

To be legally sold, part worn tyres must pass three main tests: they must not have any cuts over 25mm in length on their surface; they must be free from lumps and bulges, both externally and internally; and they must have been tested prior to sale to check that they inflate and that the tread is at least 3mm deep across the entire circumference and breadth of the tyre and be stamped part worn. We carry out all these checks and more to ensure the second-hand tyres we sell are safe and fit for purpose.

Get Value for Money from Us

We take our reputation as a provider of quality automotive services very seriously, so you can be sure if you buy part worn tyres from us, you’re getting a reliable and serviceable product. We’ll even fit the tyres for you and can carry out puncture repairs, wheel balancing and more at our Telford based garage.

Save money on your next purchase of tyres by buying tried and tested part worn tyres from us. Call us today on 01952 248 197 to enquire whether we have what you need for your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

"These guy are just pure brilliant. All of our family cars are looked after by Mike and the team and I cannot fault the service you get."

Joanne Everton


Our team at Rescue & Repair Automotive Services Ltd are specialists in vehicle roadside assistance  and breakdown recovery. As one of just a handful of local companies equipped to transport large vehicles, we are a trusted recovery team for clients across Telford. We also offer reliable vehicle repairs and servicing  to help you get back on the road safely and quickly. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for vehicle recovery: 0300 131 2365