Roadside Assistance and Repairs

Often it is the case that for the want of appropriate tools and spare parts a vehicle could be repaired by the roadside rather than having to be recovered to a garage. Recovery adds inconvenience and cost, and we are determined to repair vehicles by the roadside wherever possible using our specialist roadside assistance facility.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Repair

  • Fast, efficient repairs
  • Cost-effective and convenient
  • Avoid the hassle of recovery
  • Specialist assistance vehicle
  • We can still recover if required

Repair without the need for recovery

Of course sometimes there is no option but to recover a vehicle, however this can often be avoided simply by having a specialist repair vehicle available. Our roadside assistance & commercial service vans come specially equipped to give us the best possible chance of repairing on the roadside and avoiding the need for a full recovery. With additional tools and spare parts, and accompanied by skilled and experienced mechanics, we can now give you the best possible chance of getting back on the road quickly and efficiently. Less time, less hassle and ultimately less cost to you.

Recovery an option if needed

Our repair van does come with the facility to tow your vehicle if required, so if it does prove to be not repairable by the roadside, we can recover you as well. If you need roadside assistance then call Rescue and Repair today on 0300 131 2365.

Roadside Assistance

"These guy are just pure brilliant. All of our family cars are looked after by Mike and the team and I cannot fault the service you get."

Joanne Everton


Our team at Rescue & Repair Automotive Services Ltd are specialists in vehicle roadside assistance  and breakdown recovery. As one of just a handful of local companies equipped to transport large vehicles, we are a trusted recovery team for clients across Telford. We also offer reliable vehicle repairs and servicing  to help you get back on the road safely and quickly. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for vehicle recovery: 0300 131 2365